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House Coal Ban-Updated Feb 21

New legislation comes into force in England on 1st May 2021 but there is no need to change your fire or stove to comply with the new law.

The main changes are as follows:

House coal

  • If you have your house coal delivered by an Approved Coal Merchant, they will still be able to deliver it to you until April 2023 and nothing will change.  If you currently collect pre-packed house coal from your Approved Coal Merchant, from 1st May 2021, they will only be able to deliver it to your home. 
  • From 1st May 2021 there will not be any house coal for sale to pick up and take home yourself.  This covers all pre-packed house coal in poly bags sold through retailers (including coal merchants), supermarkets, DIY stores and garage fore-courts.

Manufactured smokeless fuels

  • From 1st May 2021 some manufactured fuels (known as briquettes or ovoids)will no longer be available and after that date only authorised manufactured smokeless fuels will be allowed for sale.  In time they will show the Ready to Burn logo but the logo may not be on packaging from the start. There is a wide variety of authorised manufactured smokeless fuels currently on the market.  




Logs / Wood

  • After 1st May 2021 wood logs sold in small quantities i.e.  less than 2m3 will haveto have a moisture content of less than 20% and must show the Woodsure Readyto Burn logo on the packaging.
  • Wood sold in quantities of over 2m3 will need to be accompanied by guidance on how to season the wood before use.





  • There is no change to the sale of anthracite as it is a naturally occurring smokeless fuel.


For further information on any aspect of burning solid fuels please contact us


Solid Fuel Association 01773 835400


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